Best camera straps | Space

The best camera straps do more than just prevent your camera from falling at your feet, although it’s important that they do that as well. A third party camera strap goes some way toward preventing theft, by not advertising the brand of camera you’re carrying to the world.

They need to be strong too, so they won’t snap when lightly tugged upon. The material they’re made out of matters, because you want to look good, and if lugging something heavy like a DSLR with a telephoto zoom you’ll want one wide enough that it doesn’t cut into your neck, and designed not to fold for the same reason. Sling straps, which go over the shoulder rather than around the neck, are popular for this reason. Wedding photographers may appreciate a harness that allows the carrying of two camera bodies and distributes their weight across the shoulders at the cost of looking ever so slightly like a heavily armed undercover police officer.