Mt. Everest’s highest glacier lost 2,000 years worth of ice since the 1990s

Even the glaciers on Mount Everest are not safe from climate change, new research suggests.  In a record-setting study, a team of scientists scaled the world’s highest peak to monitor the mountain’s highest-altitude glacier — the South Col Glacier, standing nearly 26,000 feet (8,000 meters) above sea level — for signs of climate-related ice loss. … Read more

Discarded 1990s Energy Invention Makes a Comeback

In 1991, a team of scientists patented what appeared to be a breakthrough for one of the nation’s most serious energy efficiency problems. Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory had invented a “thin triple-pane” glass window. On paper the better-insulated window had the potential to cut annual energy for heating buildings by 39 percent … Read more