Abortion Pills Are Very Safe and Effective, yet Government Rules Still Hinder Access

Ever since it was approved in 2000 as an abortion pill, mifepristone has been regulated as if it were a dangerous substance. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration required doctors to be specially certified to prescribe it. Patients had to sign an agreement confirming that they had been counseled on its risks. Most onerously, the … Read more

Nearly 50% of Anti-Abortion Americans Would Still Help a Loved One Arrange It

Almost half of Americans morally opposed to abortion would help a friend or family member with arrangements to get one, and a majority would offer emotional support, a new study said Friday.   The authors of the paper, which appeared in the journal Science Advances, wrote the finding showed that people are willing to cross … Read more

Abortion: People in the US who oppose abortion would help a loved one seeking the procedure

A survey of more than 1500 people in the US found that people who are morally opposed to abortion would help a close friend or family member seeking the procedure Health 18 February 2022 By Jason Arunn Murugesu Abortion rights protesters at the US Supreme Court in December 2021 Allison Bailey/Shutterstock People in the US … Read more

Latin American Abortion Laws Hurt Health Care and the Economy–a Lesson for a Post-Roe U.S.

As the U.S. braces for the possible rollback of abortion rights later this year, seismic shifts are happening south of the border. A series of recent legal and legislative decisions has begun to loosen restrictions in Latin America, a region with some of the world’s harshest antiabortion laws. And they could chart a path toward … Read more

Being Denied an Abortion Has Lasting Impacts on Health and Finances

As the Supreme Court decides the future of abortion laws in the U.S., a key question to be considered is whether access to the procedure has positive or negative consequences for the people who get an abortion, and for society in general. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization concerns the constitutionality of a new Mississippi … Read more

Abortion Doesn’t Have to Be an Either-Or Conversation

Opinion Treating the decision with nuance and care is essential to reproductive justice Abortion rights and anti-abortion demonstrators hold signs outside the U.S. Supreme Court while the court holds a hearing on a Mississippi abortion ban, in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Credit: Graeme Sloan/Sipa USA/Alamy Live NewsOpinion Treating the decision with nuance … Read more