Weird Link Discovered Between Physical Attractiveness And The Immune System

An extensive new study has found evidence that links physical attractiveness to the functioning of the immune system. While there are still numerous questions left to answer, the researchers suggest their findings show “a relationship between facial attractiveness and immune function is likely to exist.”   Just how reliable that relationship is remains to be seen, however.  … Read more

Immune system: We seem to find people with a strong health defences more attractive

Previous research has shown that we are attracted to the body odour of people with better health, and now it seems the strength of your immune system is reflected in your face Health 16 February 2022 By Christa Lesté-Lasserre An attractive pair plainpicture/Daniel K Schweitzer Men and women are more physically attracted to the faces … Read more

Who wore it better? How masks can make you more attractive, or less

Josie Ford The eyes have it Valentine’s Day fast approaches – indeed, given the state of many postal services, you may thankfully already be hearing its Doppler-shifted whoosh to lower frequencies. This can only mean the world is agog for the latest top tips on love and dating from Feedback’s stationery cupboard-cum-boudoir. Giving us all … Read more