The Fear Index review: A psychological thriller with a dash of AI

When a wealthy technology entrepreneur invents an AI-driven system capable of predicting how human fear affects the world’s financial markets, nothing turns out quite as he planned Humans 9 February 2022 By Linda Marric Alex Hoffman (Josh Hartnett) creates an AI-based system to monetise fear in The Fear Index Sky The Fear Index David Caffrey … Read more

Guano doping: Can a dash of bird poo make graphene great again?

Feedback is our weekly column of bizarre stories, implausible advertising claims, confusing instructions and more Humans 1 December 2021 Josie Ford Load of old… The stereotype of scientists as unfeeling automatons is lazy and, in Feedback’s experience, entirely inexplicable. On the contrary, the passions the pursuit of knowledge bring to the boil often froth over … Read more