Noise Pollution, Wildfires Top U.N. Report on Emerging Environmental Threats

Urban noise pollution is getting worse. Wildfires are growing more severe. And climate change is disrupting the timing of natural events and the life cycles of plants and animals all over the world. These are the major threats highlighted in a new United Nations report on emerging environmental concerns. The report, released today, is the … Read more

Emerging Services Aim to Link Climate to Disasters in Real Time

NEW ORLEANS—Scientists are getting faster and faster at linking climate change to extreme weather events. If an extreme heat wave, storm or flood occurs tomorrow, scientists could determine in a few days whether it was made worse by climate change. That has some scientists thinking: Why not do it for every disaster as soon as … Read more

Top Ten Emerging Tech of 2021

Bernie Meyerson: That isn’t just one technology, but it’s a host of technologies that need to come together to solve a really a global crisis. Robin Pomeroy: Welcome to a special episode of Radio Davos brought to you jointly by the World Economic Forum and Scientific American to look at the most promising technologies that could change … Read more