Fascinating objects illuminate the European Space Agency’s history

By Gege Li ESA/Remedia Agency ESA/Remedia THIS selection of objects appears random, but it reflects the history, achievements and ambitions of the European Space Agency’s key establishment, the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC). ESA ESTEC in 99 Objects is an online project that uses a diverse collection of items amassed from ESA missions … Read more

Otherlands review: A fascinating journey through Earth’s history

By Gege Li An artist’s impression of how Earth’s first multicellular animals looked on the sea floor Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library Book Otherlands: A world in the making Thomas Halliday OUR planet has existed for some 4.5 billion years In that time, it has undergone extraordinary changes, with landscapes and life forms that would seem … Read more

Fascinating Mouse Study Hints We May One Day Have mRNA Vaccine for Skin Cancer

Being sun smart could one day include a vaccination not unlike those currently providing millions around the world with immunity against coronavirus. While most immunizations sensitize our immune system to an aggressive agent like a virus or even cancer cell, emerging mRNA vaccine technology could instead train our bodies into generating additional antioxidant proteins, boosting our ability … Read more

These Ants Can ‘Heal’ Wounded Trees in a Fascinating Symbiotic Relationship

An accidental slingshot hit on a Cecropia tree in Panama has led to a surprising discovery: the Azteca alfari ants that live inside these trees are often ready to fix damage to their living homes.   When high schooler Alex Wcislo fired the 9 mm (0.35 inch) clay ball through the tree, leaving clean entry and exit … Read more