An International Institute Will Help Us Manage Climate Change

This has been quite the year for climate science. Extreme weather events made headlines year-round, including exceptional heatwaves, floods, and fires driven by droughts. Two leading climate scientists, Suki Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann, won the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics. World leaders finally came together in Glasgow for the COP26 meeting. There is little doubt … Read more

News at a glance: Tackling U.S. plastic waste, targeting Omicron with an antibody, and new AI institute | Science

ECOLOGY Hippo gut microbes make a splash A study of hippo pools in Africa suggests the microscopic gut residents of these massive animals have an unexpected influence outside their bodies. Like almost all animals, hippos (Hippopotamus amphibius) host beneficial gut microbes, such as bacteria that aid digestion. But when hippos defecate into the large pools … Read more