Poem: ‘Elective Affinities: Ghazal of the Muon’

Edited by Dava Sobel Elective Affinities: Ghazal of the Muon “Long-Awaited Muon Measurement Boosts Evidence for New Physics” — Scientific American, April 7, 2021 The Muon’s aberrant behavior, an extended quantum particle wobble, upends the Standard Theory, creating in Physics an existential wobble. Normally a wavelike excitation, spinning through Higgs’s gravitational field, unless caught and … Read more

Poem: ‘The Scalar Nature of Snow’

Science in meter and verse Credit: Detached Retina Imaging Getty Images Advertisement Edited by Dava Sobel elusive if not rare. there are always vectors and other values if not measured at least felt or experienced at the boundary of ground: imbalance and, therefore, movement. the creation comes, then with the condition of height and time: … Read more