Ten sci-fi movie monsters that could destroy humanity

Hollywood has, over the years, introduced the film-watching public to all manner of sci-fi movie monsters from outer space. After all, how are you going to make your star look good if there’s no spiky, Vaseline-vomiting abomination to put them in peril? Often that’s all the beast is, a hastily-conceived nemesis for our hero to conquer.

But, sometimes, moviemakers put real thought into their creatures, delivering foes that could not only pose a threat to the crew of the S.S. Expendable or Arctic Station Gonnadie, but the whole of humanity itself. Take the H. R. Giger-designed Alien, from the movie series of the same name. A deleted scene revealed the Alien was able to transform other beings into eggs, meaning that if a single egg or Alien made it to Earth, the whole planet could be awash with the creature.