About Us

PaperPanda helps you download papers
You’ve probably run into this problem – you want to read a paper, but it’s locked behind a paywall.
Maybe you have access to it through your library or university, maybe it’s available to download for free through an open access portal,
maybe the author uploaded a PDF to a website somewhere – but how are you going to find it?

PaperPanda is here to help!
Just click the tiny panda in your toolbar and the panda will run off and find the paper for you.

One-click access to millions of research paper PDFs on thousands of academic websites.
Save time navigating paywalls, logins and redirects.

Once you have the PDF, you can easily download it to your desktop.

Perfect for students, researchers, and academics.

PaperPanda uses some clever logic and the Panda’s detective skills to find you the research paper PDFs you need. Essentially, when you activate PaperPanda it finds the DOI of the paper from the current page, and then goes and searches for it. It starts by querying various Open Access repositories like OpenAccessButton, OaDoi, SemanticScholar, Core, ArXiV, and the Internet Archive. You can also set your university libraries domain in the settings. PaperPanda will then automatically search for the paper through your library. You can also set a different custom domain in the settings.