Cake PHP Web Applications Development

I was quite surprised with what I found, and I wanted to make sure that I shared what I had learnt to the general public, so that others in similar positions can benefit from the knowledge I have gained.


I have a small start-up business in the Digital Marketing industry, which has mainly evolved from blogging about different digital marketing techniques, to help other businesses maximise their income. After several enquiries involved other companies asking me to do their digital marketing personally, I realised I needed to start my own business.

To show off my design talents as well as my technical expertise I want my website to best represent my business, whilst creating the best first impression for all my visitors. I am ideally looking for a web design that is responsive and highly interactive, and it needs to stand out from the crowd against the other competitors within the digital marketing sector. It needs to be able to function supremely as a web platform with the potential to move it into mobile app in the future, as it seems like every business is doing that at the moment.


So apparently when it comes to web development and web design there is a lot of different solutions to choose from. By the looks of it my best bet is to stick with a web development on an open source platform, especially as some of them are free to access. Open source platforms are great for web developments as they allow the developer full access to the tool kit, meaning there will only be minimal restrictions. Also as I run a small business I have only a small amount of data to power, so I would not need any of the bigger web development platforms like Microsoft.Net. When it comes to open source technology, you can take your pick from programmes like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Presta shop, Sugar CRM and so much more. One open source technology that particularly caught my eye was Cake PHP.


Cake PHP is an open source web application framework written in PHP. It is one of the most popular web application development solutions, as it provides a simple and efficient coding platform for security purposes. It also decreases the costs within project development, its rapid development features increased productivity. So it saves time in the long run, and it has flexible development standards. Cake PHP was established back in April 2005 by polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz. He originally wrote a marginal version of a rapid application development in PHP naming Cake. After publishing the framework under the MIT license, he then allowed the community of developers to have access to it. Originally inspired by the Ruby on Rails technology, today it is used by many businesses across the globe to provide dynamic web applications for all users.


After exploring what Cake PHP can offer I am convinced this is the right platform for my business, however apart from my digital marketing skills that is about my complete range of IT expertise, meaning actually building the website myself is like asking a dog to walk on its hind legs!