Christmas in space: 10 fun holiday space facts

It’s that magical time of year again. Whether you’re living with the frigid temperatures of the northern hemisphere or the sunny climes south of the equator, right now, lots of us are thinking about Christmas. Christmas is a holiday celebrated by more than 2 billion people globally, so chances are that it’s important to you or someone close to you. However, you may not know that Christmas is a holiday that also has a history with space exploration

Pretty much from the first moment that humans blasted ourselves off into the void, we’ve been keen to celebrate our most treasured holidays amongst the stars. Starting with the Gemini 6 mission in the late 1960s and stretching all the way to the modern-day, astronauts are just as keen as anyone else to have a good holiday season. As a result, there’s a surprising number of ways that space and Christmas are tied together, from Christmas trees to space cookies and even holiday-theme pranks.