Don’t Miss: Moonfall, a disaster movie of epic proportions

MOONFALL, Roland Emmerich, 2020/2021

Reiner Bajo/Lionsgate


Moonfall sees director Roland Emmerich try to top his other disaster films, such as The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day, by knocking the moon out of orbit and crashing it into Earth. In cinemas from 4 February.

New Scientist Default Image


The Man Who Tasted Words and other unusually gifted or affected people are the subject of neurologist Guy Leschziner’s journey through our senses, setting out how we use them to understand the complexities of the world around us.

The Flower

Rolex/Ambroise Tézenas


Thao Nguyen Phan has combined videos, silk paintings and mixed media to explore the history, industry and contested future of Vietnam’s Mekong river. The exhibition runs at Tate St Ives, UK, from 5 February.

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