Don’t miss: the return of Space Force, Netflix’s moon-shot comedy

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The World of Stonehenge is revealed at London’s British Museum in an exhibition exploring the science of why the monument was built and the surprisingly cosmopolitan society that created it. From 17 February.


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A Human History of Emotion is told by psychologist Richard Firth-Godbehere, who explores the central and often underappreciated role that emotions have played in human societies throughout history and how they shaped today’s world.

Space Force. (L to R) Don Lake as Brad Gregory, Diana Silvers as Erin Naird in episode 203 of Space Force. Cr. Diyah Pera/Netflix ?? 2021

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Space Force returns to Netflix for a second season of the out-of-this-world workplace comedy. Steve Carell is the hapless General Naird, while John Malkovich …