Guardians of the Galaxy ships: Exploring the Milano and the Benatar

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) keeps on expanding on the big (and now small) screen, its cosmic side is becoming more and more important, with unsurprisingly colorful and strange characters, such as the Eternals, often taking the spotlight – our list of Marvel movies in chronological order will help you catch up. However, we shouldn’t forget about those who kickstarted the spacefaring adventures back in 2014: the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s interesting to consider the importance of how Guardians of the Galaxy sent the MCU to space.

James Gunn’s oddball take on space operas quickly proved to be one the best Marvel movies thanks to its relaxed spirit, charming looks, and special brand of humor (plus a packed cast). But there was more to its success, including a fully realized sci-fi universe that explored what was possible beyond Earth’s skies according to Marvel. And we think the stellar selection of songs in Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix tapes definitely helped as well.