New tarantula species: YouTuber finds new-to-science tarantula that lives in bamboo stems

A species of tarantula seems to live exclusively inside hollow bamboo stems, which no other tarantula is known to do

18 January 2022


Taksinus bambus – a tarantula that lives inside bamboo

JoCho Sippawat

Tarantulas make their homes everywhere from dusty desert burrows to a rainforest canopy. Now, researchers have discovered a tarantula new to science that dwells entirely within the hollow stems of bamboo, a first for this group of colossal, woolly spiders.

JoCho Sippawat – a wildlife YouTuber from Thailand – first encountered the spiders while visiting a jungle in Tak province, in the northwest of the country, noticing a brown tarantula with narrow, light bands on the legs dropping from a hollow bamboo stem …