Reputed Open Access Journals

Open access journals are academic peer reviewed journals that can be accessed easily without any financial or technical restriction. Readers can read and use the information of open access journals without paying any extra fees. Some publishers are known to take fees on behalf of the author, and some are supported by their academic institutions like universities, hospitals, libraries, research center etc. There are many international journals who publish fully accessible high quality articles and journals.

Reputed Open Access Journals

This is a list of some reputed open access journals. Following DOAJ and other directory of journals my recommendation is writers should consider this list and decide where they want to submit their articles.

BioMed Central: BioMed Central is publisher having a good number of peer-reviewed journals related to science, medicine and technology. BioMed published articles are easily accessible on their directory.

Co-Action Publishing: Co-Action Publishing is a publication with having multinational stuff representatives to publish quality peer reviewed journals.

SPRINGER: Springer is one of the world’s most renowned STM publishers with having more than 200 Nobel Prize winners between the authors of their journals and books. The company has published more than 2900 journals and 19000o books.

Taylor & Francis Group: Taylor & Francis Group is one of the reputed open access journals for its high quality reviewing facility. The company publishes articles under the Routledge and Taylor & Francis imprints. The new part of this group is Cogent OA.

Cogent OA: Cogent OA is a part of Taylor & Francis Group. The company is reputed for publishing fully accessible peer reviewed articles. is recognized for publishing high quality peer reviewed journals. They promote scientific works. Therefore, researchers, who are dedicated to this specific subject, can review this publication.

Frontiers: Frontiers is an academic publisher who publishes peer reviewed journals based on science. The publisher was launched in 2007 and has a vision of building an open science platform. “Frontiers” is popular for combining fully accessible publishing with research networking.

Hindawi Publishing Corporation: With having 436 journals, Hindawi is a renowned academic publisher covering great disciplines and academic value. It is a reputed publishing company of scientific, technical and medical related articles.

Karger Open Access: Karger Open Access is a part of Karger Publishers. The publisher is recognized for scientific journals with maintaining high qualities. Journals are peer reviewed and publish in a high editorial standard in Karger.

Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI.): MDPI is an open access platform for publishing peer reviewed scientific journals. MDPI publishes more than 120 journals such as Molecules, the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Marine Drugs, Viruses, Sensing, Toxins, Sensors Marine Drugs, Energies, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Nutrients etc.

Journal of Biometrics & Biostatistics: A leading academic journal with having quality reviewing facility, Journal of Biometrics and Biostatistics is a well known openly readable journal.