‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4, Episode 4 ends with a surprise you won’t see coming

“Star Trek: Discovery” constantly comes under discussion and decisions made in the writers’ room continue to divide fans, more so — it’s safe to say — than any other incarnation of the longest-running science fiction franchise in history. And some on social media claim that “Discovery” isn’t true “Trek” (whatever that means). However, I recently had reason to go back and rewatch some of Season 1 and the difference between what we watched back in October 2017 and what we’re watching now is stark. Despite the disruption and revolving door of showrunners behind the scenes, from beginning to end, it is more enjoyable than any season of “Discovery” we’ve seen since. 

Once we’re past the recap, which makes last week’s episode seem much better than it actually was, this week’s installment, titled “All Is Possible,” opens with a beautiful establishing shot of the Discovery’s hull that morphs into the corridor ceiling. It’s reminiscent of just one of many gorgeous similar shots used in the first season, in this particular instance, the long-distance zoom-in from the episode “Context is for Kings” (Season 1, Episode 3).