Genetics: Fungi that live on eucalyptus roots can control trees’ gene activity

Eucalyptus trees rely on root fungi to source nutrients and water – but the fungi actually control the genetic development of the tree roots by releasing tiny chunks of RNA Life 10 January 2022 By Michael Le Page Pisolithus microcarpus mycorrhizal root tips on Eucalyptus grandis Jonathan Plett A root fungus that helps eucalyptus trees … Read more

Samsung Eco Remote: TV remote control charges itself with Wi-Fi signals

The latest version of Samsung’s Eco Remote gets energy from both spare Wi-Fi signals and solar power Technology 5 January 2022 By Matthew Sparkes Samsung’s Jong-Hee Han announced the new remote at the CES trade show in Las Vegas Samsung Samsung has created a television remote control that doesn’t require batteries, as it draws power … Read more

Two dystopian novels explore how language can be used to control us

By Sally Adee Are we really just puppets being controlled by the words of those in charge? Shutterstock/SvetaZi Outcast Louise Carey Gollancz 20 January “YOU’VE exceeded everyone’s expectations.” These are words that Tanta, the hero of Louise Carey’s InScape series, hears often from her boss. The resulting dopamine rush is strong enough to make her … Read more