Sounds of Mosquitoes’ Mating Rituals Could Help Fight Malaria

The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation, an online publication covering the latest research. In 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that almost half the world’s population was at risk of malaria, while some 627,000 people died from the disease. Although a malaria vaccine may soon be available (the WHO recommended one for children last … Read more

We Can’t Fight COVID-19 on a Country-by-Country Basis

Editor’s Note (12/21/21): This article is being showcased in a special collection about equity in health care that was made possible by the support of Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The article was published independently and without sponsorship. Recently, one of my patients borrowed money from a loan shark just to get a private taxi to the hospital. … Read more

Who’d Win a Fight Between a Dingo And a Wolf? An Expert Weighs In

Imagine two of the world’s most iconic canids – a dingo and a wolf – head to head in a fight. Who would win? Before we examine the combatants in more detail, we need to answer an important question first, which wolf and which dingo? Taxonomy – the way we describe, name and classify Earth’s … Read more