Best monocular 2022 | Space

Ever thought about buying one of the best monoculars, instead of a pair of binoculars? For astronomy, a pair of binoculars are often considered as a portable and travel-friendly alternative to a small telescope. When it comes to monoculars you’re cutting down weight and bulk again. Weighing at least half as much as a pair of binoculars, a monocular is easy to carry around and great for hikes and long trips.

A single barrel design with only one lens, a monocular is essentially a mini-telescope, albeit often lacking the same level of magnification and features. Since there’s no need for two barrels to stay aligned and collimated, a monocular is a much simpler device than a pair of binoculars. Monoculars are mostly thought of as being for bird-watching, hunting and hiking, though a good monocular can have some astronomy use. If you’re serious about stargazing, you’ll need to stick to the best telescopes, or a set of good binoculars, but if space and weight is an issue, there are good options out there.