Best Nikon cameras for 2022

Nikon has been around for over 100 years, and as such has a decorated past filled with incredible cameras. And while traditionalists like to point to a few specific film cameras as the most iconic bodies Nikon has produced, nothing exceeds the intelligent complexity and sheer shooting power that it’s currently producing.

There are a range of camera types, which we’ve listed in full with this guide to the best Nikon cameras in 2022; from compact cameras to DSLR bodies, and now the newer mirrorless models. Nikon produces a camera for everyone, so where do you start? Compact cameras are quick and easy with fixed lenses and simple controls, while DSLRs offer interchangeable lenses and compatibility with a range of excellent F-mount glass. Mirrorless are the new kids on the block, comparatively speaking, and take on smaller form factors, introduce in body image stabilization, and increasingly astounding specs like 120FPS stills shooting.