Smart Devices Are Spying on You Everywhere, And That’s a Problem

Have you ever felt a creeping sensation that someone’s watching you? Then you turn around and you don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Depending on where you were, though, you might not have been completely imagining it. There are billions of things sensing you every day. They are everywhere, hidden in plain sight – … Read more

Best cameras for low light photography

Low light shooting is notoriously difficult. After all, cameras are designed to capture light and record it, so if there’s less light, it’s harder for the camera to do its job. There are a few things you should look for when considering whether or not to purchase one of the best cameras for low light … Read more

DSLR Vs Mirrorless cameras for Astrophotography

The DSLR – digital single reflex camera – was king until mirrorless digital cameras first began to appear in the late 2000s. Mirrorless models immediately shook up the scene, and while professional photographers continued to lean towards the familiarity of the DSLR, many casual and hobbyist users began to opt for the smaller, lightweight mirrorless … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope turns on cameras to look at first star target

Spacecraft controllers started powering up the four cutting-edge instruments on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope as they prepare for the observatory’s first glimpses of a target star. That star, called HD 84406, is located 241 light-years from Earth and part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. The images will not be used for … Read more

Best Nikon cameras for 2022

Nikon has been around for over 100 years, and as such has a decorated past filled with incredible cameras. And while traditionalists like to point to a few specific film cameras as the most iconic bodies Nikon has produced, nothing exceeds the intelligent complexity and sheer shooting power that it’s currently producing. There are a … Read more

Why doesn’t the James Webb Space Telescope have any cameras onboard?

The public is now used to seeing space up close, thanks to cameras watching everything from satellites deploying to a spacesuit-clad “dummy” cruising in a Tesla — so why doesn’t NASA’s giant new observatory have any cameras on board? It has to do with light and heat, Julie Van Campen, deputy commissioning manager for the … Read more

Best DSLR cameras | Space

DSLRs are probably the most popular types of digital cameras in the photography industry, taking the lead after analogue SLRs went out of fashion in the early to mid 2000s. Now though, there’s a new paradigm with modern mirrorless cameras pushing technology further and offering some advances over DSLR models.  However, the heritage and well-established … Read more

Best beginner cameras | Space

There are hundreds of options available when it comes to the best beginner cameras. Plenty of models now offer a combination of ease of use and high-specification features, along with flexible shooting modes and a low price. It can feel a little overwhelming to navigate all the brands and model numbers though, which is where … Read more

Best cameras for photos and videos

A truth, universally acknowledged, is that someone in possession of the need to take photographs must be in want of one of the best cameras. But which camera? There are so many on the market, each described by marketers as the pinnacle of human achievement, that it can be confusing, and hard to decide between … Read more

Mobile phone detection cameras catch over 270,000 offenders in Australia

The proportion of drivers in New South Wales illegally using their mobile phones has dropped fivefold since AI cameras began catching offenders Technology 8 December 2021 By Alice Klein A driver using their phone in a photo captured by a mobile phone detection camera in New South Wales, Australia Uncredited/AP/Shuttersto​ck World-first cameras in Australia that … Read more