Bitcoin: Hundreds of Salvadorans claim money is disappearing from their government-backed digital wallets

El Salvador’s attempt to become the world’s first state to adopt bitcoin as legal tender hits another stumbling block as hundreds of citizens claim that funds are disappearing from their accounts


23 December 2021

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El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender on 7 September

Rodrigo Sura/EFE/Alamy Live

Hundreds of Salvadorans claim that money has gone missing from their digital wallets following El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender.

In September, the government gave each citizen US$30 in bitcoin via each person’s Chivo wallet – a digital account set up by the government. The currency could be used for shopping, or to pay taxes.

But hundreds of citizens are claiming that their payments haven’t been received by stores, and that funds have disappeared from their accounts.

A Salvadoran …