Blue Moon lunar lander : Facts about Jeff Bezos’ spacecraft

Since the Apollo lunar lander first delivered humans to the moon, just 12 astronauts have walked on the lunar surface. While nobody has set foot on its surface since 1972, plans are in place to return people to the moon. Some people, including American Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, are envisaging steps much further ahead– creating a human colony on the moon

In order to increase our knowledge of the moon and carry out experiments on its surface, people and machinery need to be delivered there by lunar landers. One of these currently being developed is the Blue Moon lander, created by the privately funded aerospace manufacturer, Blue Origin. The company, which also focuses on space tourism, is owned by Jeff Bezos. The Blue Moon wasn’t selected for NASA’s Artemis missions, but Blue Origin hopes to use the moon lander in future missions and achieve sustained human presence in space, according to their website.