DSLR Vs Mirrorless cameras for Astrophotography

The DSLR – digital single reflex camera – was king until mirrorless digital cameras first began to appear in the late 2000s. Mirrorless models immediately shook up the scene, and while professional photographers continued to lean towards the familiarity of the DSLR, many casual and hobbyist users began to opt for the smaller, lightweight mirrorless models. It was the beginning of the DSLR vs mirrorless debate – could a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera really produce the same quality of images as a DSLR?

Over the years the technology has evolved, and investment in mirrorless cameras has grown. The line between the two has blurred, and many pros can be seen opting for mirrorless equipment especially as companies like Canon, Nikon and Sony have produced pro-level mirrorless bodies and exceptional lenses to attach to them. As mirrorless options have become more widespread, they’ve become the target of the most up-to-date technology, while DLSR units – although still trustworthy and high-performing – are sporadically updated, with the release of new models now rare.