Archerfish can distinguish animals from nonanimals—even if they’ve never seen them before | Science

The archerfish is one of Southeast Asia’s deadliest sharpshooters. When a tasty insect or spider catches its eye on the banks of a mangrove forest, the small, striped swimmer fires a precise, high-powered jet of water from its mouth, knocking the bug into the river, where it can be gobbled up. To do so, the … Read more

Fish: Archerfish prove they can count by spitting at computer screens

Previous research has suggested that fish have an innate sense of numbers, but critics say these experiments aren’t the final word. Now, a new study has shown that archerfish really can count Life 24 December 2021 By Michael Le Page Archerfish spit water at their prey Shutterstock / Roberto Dani Can fish count? An experiment involving … Read more