Cryptocurrencies: MI5 and MI6 are investigating Bitstamp transactions

Bitstamp, Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, says it has handed over information on some of its customers to the UK’s intelligence agencies, MI5 and MI6 Technology 25 February 2022 By Matthew Sparkes Bitcoin has a variety of uses Mete Caner Arican/Alamy The UK’s intelligence agencies have asked Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp, to hand over information … Read more

Gender-Affirming Health Care Should Be a Right, Not a Crime

Editor’s Note (2/25/22): This week Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered state agencies to investigate gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth as “child abuse.” This article from April 13, 2021, is being republished to highlight the ways that anti-trans legislation is unethical and out of sync with the recommendations from prominent medical groups. In late March, … Read more