Get Back: Beatles documentary used custom AI to strip unwanted sound

Sound engineers used custom-made artificial intelligence to strip out unwanted audio from footage of the band in the studio Technology 24 December 2021 By Matthew Sparkes The Beatles’ rooftop performance from 1969 in The Beatles: Get Back Apple Corps Ltd. The Beatles: Get Back, Peter Jackson’s documentary about the making of the album Let It … Read more

New documentary ‘Search for the Edge of Space’ is free on Magellan TV until Dec. 16

Thousands of years about the universe’s nature backdrop a documentary available for free on Magellan TV. The 42-minute special, “Search for the Edge of Space,” will be free until Thursday (Dec. 16), Magellan said in a press release. The documentary features the ongoing quest of observatories like the Hubble Space Telescope and the Vera C. … Read more