Is it time to live with COVID-19? Some scientists warn of ‘endemic delusion’ | Science

As surges of COVID-19 cases driven by the highly infectious Omicron variant recede, parts of the United States, Canada, and Europe are moving swiftly to lift constraints on a pandemic-fatigued public. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have abolished nearly all ­COVID-19–related restrictions in recent weeks, and the United Kingdom announced it would do the same this … Read more

Living with covid: How can we end the pandemic and what will it be like?

For some, the phrase “living with covid” means removing all restrictions. But the actions we take now will determine how many more people die of covid – and whether we’re doomed to keep chasing new variants Health 18 January 2022 By Michael Marshall Mask wearing at a theatre in Antwerp, Belgium, last month JONAS ROOSENS/BELGA/AFP … Read more

Endemic: What the term means and why covid-19 is far from getting there yet

The term “endemic” usually means that an infection is stable, not that it’s less deadly or that protective measures are no longer required. With the omicron variant surging, covid-19 is unlikely to become endemic soon Health | Analysis 13 January 2022 By Clare Wilson Commuters in London this month TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images The … Read more