Glorious photos of garden-variety wildlife vie for Kew prize

These highlights of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition feature a beautiful ant rendezvous and a “melancholy” butterfly Life 9 February 2022 By Gege Li Pepe Badia Marrero/IGPOTY THIS vibrant selection of images showcasing curiosities and beauties of nature features some of the top entries in this year’s International Garden Photographer of the … Read more

Plant genomics: Huge database includes over 9000 species of flowering plants

Public library of DNA sequences will allow botanists to track the complex evolutionary history of flowering plants in unprecedented detail Life 1 February 2022 By Chen Ly Zinnia flowers in a meadow Shutterstock / Pheobus More than 9000 species of plants have had sections of their genomes sequenced as part of the Plant and Fungal … Read more