Australia floods: Record rainfall in Queensland driven by La Niña and climate change

A slow-moving low-pressure system has dropped 790 millimetres of rain on Brisbane in one week, causing floods that have claimed eight lives Environment 28 February 2022 By Alice Klein A flooded street in Milton, a suburb of Brisbane PATRICK HAMILTON/AFP/AFP via Getty Images Record-breaking rain on the east coast of Australia over the past week … Read more

Climate change: Last 7 years were the warmest on record

The UN’s World Meteorological Organization found that 2021 was the seventh hottest year to date, at 1.11°C above pre-industrial levels Environment 19 January 2022 By Adam Vaughan In Palmdale, California, temperatures reached 41.1°C in July 2021 ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images The past seven years were the warmest on record as climate change continued apace, … Read more