Hurricane Maria: Living through the storm accelerated the ageing process for monkeys

In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Caribbean communities, and we now know it had an impact on monkeys too – macaques that lived through the stressful experience have aged at an accelerated rate Life 7 February 2022 By Luke Taylor Rhesus macaques resting in the remnants of a forest that was destroyed when Hurricane Maria directly … Read more

Omicron coronavirus variant: Maria Van Kerkhove on what we know so far

Exclusive: The World Health Organization’s technical lead on covid-19 says we will know how effective our vaccines are against omicron by Christmas Health 8 December 2021 By Helen Thomson Maria Van Kerkhove is the World Health Organization’s technical lead on the coronavirus pandemic RICHARD JUILLIART/AFP via Getty Images Since it was first detected by scientists … Read more