60 Million Fish Nests in Antarctica Found in Single Largest Breeding Colony to Date

Scientists onboard an icebreaker in Antarctica were blown away when they spied a trove of 60 million icefish nests dotting the floor of the Weddell Sea. The bonanza of nurseries – each guarded by a ghostly looking parent – represents the largest known breeding colony of fish.   Autun Purser of the Alfred Wegener Institute was on the … Read more

Icefish: 60 million nests found in the seafloor near Antartica

In the Weddell Sea near Antarctica, scientists have found the largest colony of fish nests in the world, covering 240 square kilometres Life 13 January 2022 By Jason Arunn Murugesu Adult icefish sitting on their nests under the ice in Antarctica Alfred Wegener Institute / PS124 AWI OFOBS team The largest colony of fish nests … Read more