Africa battles out-of-control polio outbreaks | Science

On 17 February, Malawi’s Ministry of Health announced a nasty surprise: A 3-year-old girl who was paralyzed in November 2021 was infected with the wild poliovirus, which Africa officially vanquished in 2020. The sequence of the virus showed it had somehow made the leap from Pakistan, one of the last two holdouts of the wild … Read more

The out-of-control rocket about to hit the moon is not a SpaceX Falcon 9, astronomers now say: report

See the SpaceX booster? If you spot the booster in a telescope before it hits the moon, let us know! Send images and comments in to  A rocket stage set to hit the moon March 4 might not be from SpaceX after all. The astronomer credited with discovering the forthcoming impact, Bill Gray, announced … Read more