Mosquitoes learn to avoid pesticides after just one non-lethal dose

Experiments show that two species of mosquitoes change their behaviour after exposure to five common pesticides, which could make the chemicals less effective Life 17 February 2022 By Chen Ly A female Aedes aegypti mosquito BSIP SA/Alamy Mosquitoes can learn to avoid pesticides after just one exposure to them, which means current pesticides may not … Read more

Gene-edited wheat resists dreaded fungus without pesticides | Science

Powdery mildew certainly sounds unappealing, but for wheat farmers the fungus can mean a serious hit to the pocketbook. It infects crops, yellowing leaves and stunting growth. In countries where the blight is common, like China, the microbe can destroy up to 40% of a field, making it one of the most damaging and costly … Read more