Control review: The troubling past, present and future of eugenics

By Layal Liverpool A rising global population has led to a resurgence of eugenics-based ideas Ben Edwards/Getty Images Control: The dark history and troubling present of eugenics Adam Rutherford Weidenfeld & Nicolson WHAT does the word “eugenics” bring to mind? For many, it is Nazi Germany and the atrocities that were committed in its name, … Read more

Discover ghosts of Jayne’s past, present and future in ‘Firefly Holiday Special #1’

Like some cherished old friends circling back into our lives during the shiniest of seasons, the intrepid crew of the Serenity returns for a new holiday one-shot courtesy of Boom! Studios. “Firefly Holiday Special #1” rockets down our chimneys this week to great fanfare and celebration as Captain Mal Reynolds and his brave Browncoats deliver … Read more