A Rare, Repeatedly Exploding Star Has Been Caught Producing Powerful Gamma Rays

A rare star that repeatedly explodes appears to be also generating the most energetic form of light in the Universe. Analysis of an eruption from the binary system RS Ophiuchi has revealed that the shock wave expanding out into space acts as a particle accelerator that generates gamma radiation. This suggests the conditions that generate … Read more

Beet armyworm: Gene editing stops female moths from producing pheromones

Female beet armyworms with a deleted gene don’t produce sex pheromones, which could be exploited as a way to control numbers of this agricultural pest Life 11 December 2021 By Gary Hartley The beet armyworm is a destructive crop pest Nigel Cattlin / naturepl.com Deleting a gene linked to the production of sex pheromones in … Read more