A Building Block of Life May Have Formed in Cosmic Dust Clouds Before Reaching Earth

There are few bigger questions than how life first got started on Earth, but trying to put in the detective work almost 4 billion years after the event is understandably hard going for scientists. Now it looks as though we might have found another clue.   New research focuses specifically on peptides, smaller versions of … Read more

After reaching deep space haven, Webb telescope begins 5 months of fine-tuning | Science

NASA’s flagship James Webb Space Telescope has arrived at its destination. After unfolding the carefully packed observatory during its monthlong journey, controllers today briefly fired Webb’s thrusters to put it into a “halo orbit” around L2, a gravitational balance point 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. Far from the heat and hubbub of low-Earth orbit, L2 … Read more

How human height has changed: Our ancestors were relatively short – and only started reaching modern heights 150 years ago

Until around 150 years ago, humans were relatively short – but our recent growth spurt may have more to do with social factors than dietary ones Humans 2 December 2021 By Michael Marshall A man measures a woman’s height Image Point Fr/Shutterstock For most of our history, humans have been short, a study has found. … Read more