Neuroscientists Find Part of The Brain That Responds Specifically to Singing

The capacity to engage with and comprehend music spans nearly every human society. While other creatures also display musical behaviors (think bird song, humpback whale calls, or bonobo vocalizations), our musical cognition appears to be evolutionary distinct within the animal kingdom.    A new study has given us more insight into the brain’s relationship with music, finding that … Read more

There are neurons in the brain that only seem to respond to singing

Electrical recordings from the auditory cortex of 15 people identified brain cells that specifically respond when we listen to singing Mind 22 February 2022 By Jason Arunn Murugesu A woman listens to music through headphones DEEPOL by plainpicture/Simona Pillola Humans may have neurons whose main job is to process singing. Scientists have previously found neurons … Read more