Are You Better Than a Machine at Spotting a Deepfake?

Vitak: This is Scientific American’s 60 Second Science. I’m Sarah Vitak.  Early last year a TikTok of Tom Cruise doing a magic trick went viral.  [Deepfake Tom Cruise] I’m going to show you some magic. It’s the real thing. I mean, it’s all the real thing. Vitak: Only, it wasn’t the real thing. It wasn’t … Read more

Internet scams: People are bad at spotting fake LinkedIn profiles generated by AI

Social media profiles with deepfake photos and AI-generated text fooled most participants in a study, even when there were obvious errors Technology 21 February 2022 By Chris Stokel-Walker A man browsing LinkedIn Chris Batson / Alamy Social media profiles that contain telltale signs of fakery still convince large numbers of users to accept friendship requests … Read more

Help discover the origins of meteor showers by spotting shooting stars

By Layal Liverpool Marius Heil/EyeEm/Getty Images I WANT to hunt for shooting stars, but it’s cold outside so I’m starting the search from my living room. You can do the same by joining the Radio Meteor Zoo project online. If you have ever seen a shooting star, you were probably witnessing a small solid object … Read more