Top 10 spaceflight stories of 2021

2021 was a banner year for NASA and the rest of the spaceflight community around the world. From landing on Mars to launching private citizens into space, and everything in between, this year has seen many historic milestones and next-giant leaps. Here we take a look back at all the incredible moments in spaceflight and … Read more

The 10 biggest space science stories of 2021

The year 2021 was one of major scientific expansion. Thanks to a variety of exploratory missions and their cutting-edge instruments, astronomers have been able to peer into the cosmos like never before. Researchers have turned the Earth into a giant telescope to view powerful jets from a black hole. Solar system surveys have revealed new … Read more

The Five Biggest Climate Stories of 2021

It feels like we are lurching from one disaster to another: as wildfires blaze across part of the country, a hurricane swamps a different area—and all this happens as a pandemic continues to rage. Costs are steadily mounting, making action to stem the release of greenhouse gases ever more urgent. Hopes on that front remained … Read more

The Best Fun Science Stories of 2021: Rhythmic Lemurs, a Marscopter, and Sex-Obsessed Insect Zombies

Science is often thought of as a serious subject. But even though it tackles hugely important issues—many with life-or-death consequences—it also has a fun side. This year Scientific American has covered some stories that ranged from “Huh, that’s weird” to “Ew, gross” to “So. Cool.” Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites (seriously, … Read more

Potty Training Cows and Other Messy Stories from the Animal Kingdom

Urinating is easy. Holding it in, however, is tough. While some animals, such as wolves, control their bladders to selectively mark their territories, cattle roam blithely around pastures peeing with abandon. “You get the impression that these animals have no control over their urination,” says Jan Langbein, an animal psychologist at the Research Institute for … Read more

Our favorite science news stories of 2021 (non–COVID-19 edition) | Science

If you’re a fan of weird animals and exotic concepts, we’ve got a top 10 list for you. From wombats that poop cubes to hypothetical power plants fueled by black holes, our annual end-of-the-year list includes staff favorites and some of our most popular stories of the year. You won’t find any COVID-19 news here … Read more

AI that writes stories works better when it starts with the ending

AI can write a story where each sentence flows from the next in a grammatically correct, statistically likely way, but often the plot will quickly descend into incoherence. Starting with a good ending and working backwards results in better stories Technology 15 December 2021 By Matthew Sparkes A still from the film Memento, which showcased … Read more

The top space stories of the week!

Baby stars create cosmic shockwaves, a dying star emits halos of different ages and a spiral galaxy can help refine physicists’ understanding of the universe’s expansion. These are some of the top photos this week from   Halos of different ages  (Image credit: NASA, ESA, A. Hajian (University of Waterloo), H. Bond (Pennsylvania State University), … Read more