Petrov’s flu review: A surreal journey through one man’s delirium

Petrov’s Flu is an ode to Russian sci-fi and absurdist art Sergey Ponomarev/Sovereign Films Petrov’s Flu Kirill Serebrennikov In UK cinemas now PETROV (Semyon Serzin) is riding a trolleybus home across the snowbound city of Yekaterinburg when a fellow passenger mutters that the rich deserve to be shot. Seconds later, the bus stops, Petrov is pulled onto the … Read more

Memoria review: A surreal and immersive journey into the human mind

By Francesca Steele Jessica searches every corner of Colombia for the source of the noise Neon Film Memoria Apichatpong Weerasethakul “IN THIS town, there are a lot of people who have hallucinations,” a doctor tells Jessica (Tilda Swinton) at the beginning of Memoria. Then, in a neat encapsulation of the mix of the mystical and … Read more