The race is on to tackle climate change by pulling carbon from the air

By Adam Vaughan Energy firm Drax has a¬†biomass power plant in¬†Yorkshire, UK Clare Jackson/Alamy A CATTLE shed near Edinburgh sucking up methane emissions and a team altering the acidity of seawater in the English Channel might seem unlikely prospects for avoiding increasingly dangerous climate change. But they are just two of 24 projects taking part … Read more

Pollution is the forgotten global crisis and we need to tackle it now

By Graham Lawton Leon Werdinger/Alamy Stock Photo IN THE lead-up to Christmas, my household began to feel like a badly managed waste-processing facility. We planned to spend time with vulnerable relatives, so were keeping a close eye on our covid-19 status. Each lateral flow test generated seven items of non-recyclable waste, which piled up in … Read more