Fake faces created by AI look more trustworthy than real people

Synthetic human faces are so convincing they can fool even trained observers, and they may be highly effective for use in scams Technology 14 February 2022 By Christa Lesté-Lasserre A collage of fake faces generated by an AI Anatolii Babii / Alamy Artificial intelligence can create such realistic human faces that people can’t distinguish them … Read more

Humans Find AI-Generated Faces More Trustworthy Than the Real Thing

When TikTok videos emerged in 2021 that seemed to show “Tom Cruise” making a coin disappear and enjoying a lollipop, the account name was the only obvious clue that this wasn’t the real deal. The creator of the “deeptomcruise” account on the social media platform was using “deepfake” technology to show a machine-generated version of … Read more