Chernobyl: Nuclear safety regulators urge Russia to grant access

Russian forces have threatened safety at several nuclear power plants in Ukraine including Chernobyl, but the risk of a serious radiation release is thought to be low Physics 15 March 2022 By Matthew Sparkes Satellite photo of Chernobyl power plant taken on 10 March Maxar/DigitalGlobe/Getty​ Images Three weeks into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, concerns are growing … Read more

Psychologists Urge Peers to Take Climate Action

The field of psychology must bolster its ability to address the health effects of climate change, according to a new report from the nation’s largest professional organization of psychologists. The American Psychological Association says its more than 133,000 members can do more to address climate change by broadening their impact on everything from mental health care to … Read more

Climate change: UK advisers urge tighter curbs on new oil and gas projects

It is naive and wrong to think increasing domestic oil and gas production is the answer to the UK energy crisis, says Chris Stark of the Climate Change Committee Environment 24 February 2022 By Adam Vaughan Oil rigs at Cromarty Firth in Invergordon, UK James Jones Jr/Shutterstock Ending new UK oil and gas production is … Read more