CRISPR’s Nobel Prize winners defeated in key patent claim for genome editor | Science

Patent rulings and scientific honors don’t always mesh, as the team that won the Nobel Prize for creating the genome editor CRISPR learned yesterday. After a 7-year patent battle, a U.S. court rejected its intellectual property claim to a key use of CRISPR, potentially costing it many millions in licensing fees. According to a ruling … Read more

Watch the winners of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest | Science

The recipe for a great scientific dance video is a lot like that for a delicious loaf of bread. It takes a lot of planning, some pulling and stretching, and a heaping of yeast. That was the formula for Povilas Šimonis, at least. The Lithuanian scientist’s colorful and clever interpretation of the electric stimulation of … Read more

ESET Science Award 2021 winners announced

This year’s ESET Science Award laureates were announced on October 16 at a prestigious gala dinner. Material physicist Ján Dusza received the Outstanding Individual Contributor to Slovak Science Award 2021, Ladislav Valkovič won the Outstanding Young Scientist in Slovakia under the age of 35 award, and Jozef Zajac received the award in the Outstanding Academic … Read more