Why it’s time for a new Stargate series

Kel shak Stargate fans, and welcome to our humble pitch that it’s time for a new Stargate series.

Amazon’s acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and all its assets last year was one of the biggest business-related earthquakes in the film and T.V. industries recently. Of course, with No Time To Die waiting for the final go-ahead, most words written about the creative prospects of the deal focused on the future of the James Bond franchise. But there’s another big property in MGM’s gigantic library that could prove immensely fruitful for Amazon’s film and T.V. divisions.

Stargate, directed by now-disaster-master Roland Emmerich, hit theaters in 1994 to poor box office results – only $71 million worldwide on a $55 million production budget plus marketing costs. The hope of kickstarting a new big sci-fi franchise was dead… on the big screen. MGM didn’t give up on the IP and developed Stargate SG-1, a T.V. series which debuted in summer of 1997 and spawned ten seasons across three different television networks.

Stargate SG-1_MGM

(Image credit: MGM)

Due to the show’s massive success (and how much it expanded the Stargate universe), Stargate Atlantis was born in 2004 after SG-1’s seventh season finale and eighth season premiere. After SG-1 closed its story in 2007, Atlantis kept going until 2009, and later that same year, Stargate Universe started a short-lived run of two seasons. And that’s just the bulk of it, as the Stargate franchise expanded in a number of ways outside of T.V. series too.