Best cameras for photos and videos

A truth, universally acknowledged, is that someone in possession of the need to take photographs must be in want of one of the best cameras. But which camera? There are so many on the market, each described by marketers as the pinnacle of human achievement, that it can be confusing, and hard to decide between them. Happily, we’re here to help with this list of the best cameras currently available.

There are two main types of camera on the market once you come up out of the compact and smartphone types: the DSL, and the mirrorless. The main difference is that DSLRs use a mirror and prism arrangement to pipe the view through the viewfinder directly down the lens, while on a mirrorless the viewfinder acts as a screen on which you view a live feed from the camera sensor. Mirrorless cameras are newer tech, and tend to be smaller and lighter. For a more thorough comparison, have a look through our guide to DSLR vs mirrorless cameras.